Blue-Black Spice

I call this piece Blue-Black Spice. It is a free part wig that allows versatile styles. None of my natural hair is out.

Hair Type: Brazilian body wave hair.

This piece was made, installed, colored and styled by me. It has a deep blue tint that can be seen in the light. I love this color because it is a modest blue that highlights the beauty of the curls.

This piece is perfect for women that want to add a hint of spice to their look but not be over the top.

So Where Are My Spice Girls!



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Peruvian Princess


This was my first curly hair wig. Every stitch was crafted to perfection. I loved this peruvian curly hair. None of my natural hair is out which gave me the opportunity to give my hair some rest. I wore this hair from the clubs to the beach and back and all tracks were still intact!

photo photo (1) photo (2) Straightened and curled

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